About Us

Many years of experience and numerous contacts makes us your ideal business partner. We market your products and services, create lasting and successful business contacts and bring the business partners you need!

What we do for You

With our partner network in Croatia, we accompany you from the project idea to the selection of the location, all activities of the company foundation and financing, implementation and monitoring of subsidies - to the implementation and monitoring of the establishment of the site or with the selected joint venture partner at the beginning.

With the right partners in the right region! 

Procurement and selection of employees up to marketing and sales. We create the contacts you need here as an entrepreneur - with the best possible service.

Our Partner Network

Our partner network covers the following sectors in Croatia:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Tax Consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Notary
  • Bank / Financial Experts
  • Personnel Service / Personnel Leasing Company
  • Insurance Office
  • Construction Company / Building Contractors
  • Marketing Agency
  • Service providers, suppliers and producers of various industries!

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Contact us without any obligation!
Benefit from our contacts and opportunities.

We look forward to our first business meeting and cooperation with you!

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