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Outsourcing of production to Croatia. Financial Incentives by EU-funds in Croatia. Low taxes. Best conditions for establishing new companies!


The outsourcing of production to Croatia and the founding of a company in Croatia currently bring many advantages:

  • Funding for companies
  • Low wage costs at high education level
  • Low taxes & safe law
  • Low costs for locations
  • Private houses and apartments on seaside

... and many more!

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Subsidies for Companies

Croatia will remain one of the main beneficiaries of EU funding over the next few years as the youngest EU member state. Establishing and creating jobs is an absolute priority. In addition, international organisations like World Bank, EBRD and also EU are very active in renewing the infrastructure.

For companies in Croatia as a business location, this has many advantages:

  • production to create jobs
  • development and innovation activities
  • training measures
  • diverse other regional and current subsidies - such as for energy, digitalisation, and some more.

Low wage costs at high education levels

The labour costs in Croatia are favorable compared to the level of education. This is also due to the fact that living costs in Croatia are still much cheaper compared to Austria and Germany. Thats also a reason why Croatia is considered as one of favourite holiday destinations in Europe.

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Low Taxes & Safe Law

The main tax rates in Croatia for companies:

  • Income tax - 10-30%
  • Corporation tax - 12-18%
  • Real estate transfer tax - 3%
  • VAT rate 25% (lower for foodstuff, medicine...)

And as an EU state, Croatia has legal certainty in all matters - as a foreigner with companies in Croatia, one has the same rights and obligations as a resident. The property is well protected, including the acquisition of realities.

Efficient Business location

The infrastructure with road and motorway network in Croatia is first class. The port of Rijeka is centrally located and is an important port of Central Europe as a gateway for worldwide goods traffic. The railway network is currently being modernized in order to create the best traffic routes here as well within the next years.

Free Trade Zones

In ports like Rijeka exists Free Trade Zones. This is specially marked as part of the territory of Republic of Croatia. Goods can be entered and can be used to manufacture, refine and store goods, for wholesale trade, strategic business support activities, establishment of technological development and innovation centers. The VAT for goods placed in the zone is paid only when the goods leave the free zone.

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