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Investments in Real Estates

Real Estates have overtaken traditional investments such as savings accounts and gold already for a longer period of time. Thanks to its outstanding position in tourism, Croatia offers great opportunities in investment and becoming shareholder in real estate projects. The land and the buildings give security!

This is suitable for investors who want to participate in the market with their own company in Croatia, but also for smaller investors with attractive returns and performance forecasts.

We offer great opportunities in new buildings of resorts, holiday homes, apartment houses and hotels.

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Sale and financing of Real Estates

Are you looking for a new holiday home, an apartment by the sea?

Or do you finally want to fulfill your personal dream of owning a house in the south with a view to the sea?

We can make you in Istria / Kvarner Bay - also on one of the beautiful islands in Croatia - build your dream home. You need about 25-30% equity, a loan financing from banks in Croatia is feasible for us. Settlement takes place with all legal guarantees, as it is usual for example in Germany and Austria.

For companies there is also the possibility to use subsidized loans!

If you would like to know more about our current projects or have your dream house built - just contact us:

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